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number as object key
User & Date: pmacdona 2019-04-16 04:54:02

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    For objects there are 3 notations at play here:

    1. obj.X = Y;
    2. obj[X] = Y;
    3. obj = {X:Y};

    And yes indeed V8 does coerces the LHS of {X:Y} in 3 to a string, while Jsi does not.

    However, what's at play is really a fundamental philosophical difference:

    • V8 treats arrays as objects with keys like "1", "2",..., whereas
    • Jsi implements real arrays indexed by integers

    An example where this may seem wrong in Jsi is:

        # var x = [];
        # x['abc'] = 1;
        # x
        # x.keys()
        # x.abc

    "Why do this" might you ask?

    One reason is that arrays are more efficient in Jsi because the do not store the key. Another is CData structs, where some fields are C arrays. Then there are function parameter types, where arrays and objects are different. (for giggles see line 100 of ./file/lib/web/jsiweb.js where in V8 we try to figure out types where everything is an object).

    Lastly, why does Jsi accept obj[X]=Y where X is a number? It's quite simple actually: at compile time the parser has no way of knowing if obj is an array or an object.

    I've rambled on enough. How about we sleep on this for tonight, and for now reduce this to important

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