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Jsish can be seen in action in these online demos:

Note: Tested on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


If you have downloaded Jsish, it comes with builtin applications and demos. For example, to use the Jsi debugger with its Web-UI interface use:

jsish -D tests/while2.jsi

Screenshot: jsish DebugUI

Or try the Sqlite-UI with:

jsish -S nw2.db

Screenshot: jsish SqliteUI

Here are some additional examples:

jsish -w http://jsish.org/index.html; # Download file
jsish -W index.html; # Serve out an html file.

Note, the implementation scripts come from /zvfs, so no access to the local filesystem is required.


The online apps (above) are from jsi-app, collection of applications all of which can be run from fossil, eg:

fossil clone https://jsish.org/jsi-app jsi-app.fossil
jsish -a jsi-app.fossil Ledger

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