Peter MacDonald
3527 Redwood Ave
Victoria, BC, Canada
V8P 4Z6
(250) 744-7121


Over nearly 16 years I have acquired a broad spectrum of computer expertise ranging from system administration through application development. Most recently, doing cross platform RAD Web development (client and server) using Tcl and C under Windows and Unix. The bulk of my experience derives from a 10+ year stint with the BC Government as a Sysadmin on Unix servers supporting Oracle, OLTP and Web. Most of this time as a Senior Systems and Database Administrator on the high profile corporate systems: Pharmanet Drug Information System and Corporate Accounting System (CAS). These are highly available, sensitive, mission critical OLTP servers hosting large Oracle Databases on AIX and Solaris. As techical lead, responsibilities ranged over all aspects of installation and maintenance as well as ongoing monitoring, problem determination and performance tuning. Database functions included installation, layout, reorgs, index rebuilds and data load/updates.


Job History