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A number of sample applications included with Jsi.


DebugUI is a Web GUI debugger for Jsi. Details are here.


SqliteUI is an Sqlite GUI written in Jsi with a Web browser user interfaces. Details are here.


Ledger is an accounting application written in Jsi with a Web browser user interfaces. Details are here.

Javascript Tests

Following are links to all of the javascript test-files.

49.js 99bottles.js alias.js apply.js arg.js arg2.js arguments.js argumentshared.js array.js array2.js assert.js b64.js badfunc.js bind.js block.js block2.js brainfuck.js call.js callee2.js class.js construct.js delete.js do.js eval.js eval2.js eval3.js evalthrow.js excpt.js excpt2.js excpt3.js excpt4.js excpt5.js exec.js expr.js ffi.js fib.js file.js file2.js float.js foreach.js forin.js forinstack.js format.js func.js grep.js hexnames.js in.js info.js inherit.js inherit2.js instance.js interp.js interp2.js invoketime.js io.js json.js json2.js labeled.js lambda.js local.js map.js math.js module.js number.js obj.js person1.js person2.js prime.js property.js proto2.js proto3.js prototypes.js recurse.js redefine.js ref.js regex.js scope.js signal.js simple.js sqlite.js strict.js string.js switch.js switch2.js syntax.js this.js this2.js this3.js time.js trim.js tryreturn.js update.js util.js value.js while.js while2.js with.js yhsj.js